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12 Months to Financial Freedom University and CoLiving Inner Circle
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Program #1


Here Is What You Are Going To Get

Unlimited Direct Text and Voice-Memo Access To Sam Wegert

Value: $24,997

Imagine having Sam Wegert as your personal advisor, available at your fingertips. You'll ensure your investments are guided by the best in the business.

*communication through Slack app

CoLiving Certified Acquisitions Team

  • Find YOU the best CoLiving Homes

  • Help YOU design the perfect floor plan

  • Negotiating Invoice Authorization for YOU

  • Navigate and Approve the CoLiving

  • Advanced Calculator

Our CoLiving Certified Acquisitions Team will help you:

CoLiving Certified Coaches will hold your hand and help you underwrite your deal using my method and calculator.

Full Access to our CoLiving Certified Contractors:

  • Give you our pre-negotiated discount.

  • We will review and give you feedback on your quote.

Access to our CoLiving Certified Designers who will:

  • Decorate a cost efficient CoLiving Home for you.

Access to our CoLiving Certified Property Management Team who will:

We will hold your hand and look over your shoulder through the entire progress.

This is a 'We do it WITH You' Service.

White Glove Service PREMIUM

2 spots only in this program

Value: $49,000

  • Completely hands off.

  • My team will Do it all for you from A-Z and just send you checks.

Designed for those who want to move the absolute fastest AND for those who want to be the LEAST involved.

Additional fee of $5000 if approved.

*must qualify for this program through our interview process

White Glove Service

Value: $49,000

Designed for those who want to move the absolute fastest AND for those who want to be the LEAST involved. Current markets in Charlotte, Asheville and Phoenix. My team will do it all for you

from A-Z and send you checks.

*must qualify for this program through our interview process

Turn-Key Affiliate Service

Value: $39,000

Invest alongside Sam in prime markets, access his expert network of contractors, realtors, decorators, and enjoy a seamless path to CoLiving success.

Our "done with you'

approach supports you from A to Z in any market, with top management teams in Houston, Austin, Denver, and Dallas.

Exclusive Access to the Exact Same Deal Flow that Sam has.

Value: $29,997

You'll gain priority access to high cash- flowing handpicked CoLiving opportunities, often before Sam himself, helping to ensure the fastest and most stable path to financial freedom.

Unlimited Number of 1-on-1 calls with your assigned Certified CoLiving Coach and rest of team

Value: $29,997

Unlimited calls mean you'll have a trusted partner by your side, helping you fast track your financial goals.

Inner Circle

Immersion Day

Value: $9,997

Hosted by Sam and his wife at their lake house in Charlotte, NC. Network with CoLiving Millionaires, explore Sam's latest CoLiving projects, and take your investments to the next level.

Deal Review Guru

Value: $9,997

Don't leave it to chance; get it right the first time. Sam and his team will personally review every deal, saving you tens of thousands of dollars and ensuring it's a perfect fit for your success.

Full Access to 12 Months to Financial Freedom University

Value: $184,946

Get a full year of Sam's signature course as outlined below.

Get the tools, trainings, templates, scripts, group coaching, deal method, and so much more.


Payment Options:

1 Payment of $30,000

2 Payments of $15,495

3 Payments of $10,495

1 Payment of $30,000

2 Payments of $15,594

3 Payments of $10,665

Program #2


Here Is What You Are Going To Get:

6 Modules Of Core Training

6 Modules designed to help you master CoLiving and get to 5+ properties.

Value: $29,997

One Bad Real Estate Deal could mean destruction.

I've spent over a decade learning CoLiving and I'm passing that knowledge directly to you through this 60-minute masterclass. Learn these Do's and Don't's that could save you thousands and thousands of dollars. No prior knowledge required!

Your 60-Minute Masterclass to Ensuring You Buy Only High Cashflow CoLiving Properties, Every Time.

Be a numbers based investor so you can get to financial freedom faster. This module will walk you through the step-by-step process that I use in order to evaluate my deals. This formula has been refined and tested for over a decade.

Learn to Negotiate for Less Money Down

You have to conserve your capital and negotiate. For this module, I brought in my realtor and we discussed how I negotiate, having as little money in the deal as possible, and how you can too!

*Invoice Authorization Included

A Detailed Roadmap for Furnishing, Equipping, and Setting Up Your CoLiving Home on a Budget.

CoLiving can be beautiful if designed correctly. This module walks you through the systems I put in my homes to minimize turnover, keep residents happy, and how to charge a premium for your rooms.

Your financial freedom is based on filling your property with good tenants.

This module walks you through the systems I use to fill my rooms, keep them full, and even have a waiting list before it goes live. This includes all of our white-labeled explainer videos for you to use.

You could build it all and then get it taken away by some bad legal decisions.

Don't leave financial freedom unprotected. I bring in my lawyer for this module and we talk about how to setup your company and stay protected.

Effortless Coliving Selection

Value: $19,997

Find the Perfect CoLiving Home without investing 10s of hours into it.

HINT: this module will teach your Realtor to find the homes for you.

PS. We guarantee they will do it for free because they want your business.

*includes: Perfect CoLiving Home Blueprint for you and your realtor

12 Months of LIVE Coaching

Value: $29,997

Get group Q&A each month. 4x EVERY Month

Get your specific questions answered and get coached along the way in your CoLiving investing journey.

This is a year-long assistance, where we walk with you and hold your hand until you achieve success, no matter your starting point.

Millionaire Mentorship Program

Value: $4,997

Supercharge your progress at any stage.

Sam and his team bring in millionaire guests and real estate experts that you get to know and learn from in an intimate setting.

Seamless Self Management

Value: $12,997

Your guide to effortlessly handling your own properties with confidence.

You will get access to all of Sam's most updated resources. All you have to do it customize them to your needs. Here's what's included:

Annual Maintenance Checklist Report

Co-Living New Home Checklist

Company Standards

Garage Lease

Home Vitals Sheet For Refrigerator

Late Pay System

New Tenant Initial Walk-Through

New Tenant Onboarding Checklist

Notice To Quit-North Carolina Specific

Room Ad Templates

S.W.A.T Checklist

Scripts for Onboarding New Tenants

Showing Checklist for Co-Living Homes

Tenant House Rules & Guidelines

Tenant Welcome Letter

Tenant Exit Checklist

Vacated Room Checklist For Handyman

Weekly Maintenance Checklist

Sample Lease - Version 1

Sample Lease - Version 2

White-Labeled CoLiving Explainer Video

Value: $3,997

CoLiving Whiteboard video to advertise and screen for your CoLiving Home

No BS Virtual Community

Value: $4,997

The vibrant facebook community for building connections and lucrative business partnerships.

This is a dedicated facebook community to ask questions or advice, make connections and friendships, learn from others, discover hot investment markets and more.

Unlock The Best Property Manager for YOU

Value: $4,997

The blueprint to selecting the ideal

property manager.

Learn the ins and outs of a what is needed for a property manager and how to find one...and manage one! This is key for backup support and hands-off ownership.

Easy Financing for Freedom

Value: $4,997

Unlock loan approval for CoLiving, job or no job.

*included: Sam’s personal list of lenders.

CoLiving Co-Creation Formula

Value: $4,997

Finding your perfect partnership and role.

Find out who you are and what you need to scale massively with a partner.


Payment Options:

1 Payment of $9,997

2 Payments of $5,495

3 Payments of $3,995


Bonus #1:

CoLiving Compliance Blueprint

Value: $9,997

Ensuring compliance to overcome regulations that might hold you back.

You will also learn how to legally safeguard your CoLiving property from any issues that might arise

*included: membership agreements!

Bonus #2:

Fast Finance using OPM

Value: $9,997

Secure private capital for your CoLiving deal in just 60 minutes, even without existing connections.

*CoLiving Pitch Deck included!

Bonus #3:

The CoLiving Video Vault

Value: $9,997

Get access to the past recordings and replays from CoLiving Mastery University.

You can binge watch previous recordings and learn from other people's questions that you might not even realize you had.

Bonus #4:

Beat the Bank:

Value: $2,997

Master the art of buying high cashflow CoLiving homes.

Don't let the fear of rising interest rates hold you back, you will learn

the best process to Beat the Bank regardless of rising rates.

Bonus #5:

CoLiving Market Testing Blueprint

Value: $9,997

Safeguarding your investment by identifying perfect market

fit and ensuring demand for CoLiving in your area.

You will learn how to find the best market and run tests to make sure it will cashflow.

Bonus #6:

Member Connections Forever

Value: $4,997

A module on creating lasting community.

You will learn the importance of cultivating positive connections, and ensuring harmony in your CoLiving home.

*Included: THRIVE Journal (Print rights for 1 year)

Bonus #7:

Profit in the Plunge:

Value: $9,997

Mastering recession-proof investing and capitalizing on market downturns.

You will learn what is needed to keep your investments cash flowing regardless of a recession.

Here's A Recap of What You Will Get...

  • 6 Core Modules On CoLiving ($29,997 Value)

  • Effortless Coliving Selection ($19,997 Value)

  • 12-Months of LIVE 4x Monthly Coaching ($29,997 Value)

  • Deal Evaluator Method™ ($4,997 Value)

  • Millionaire Mentorship Program ($4,997 Value)

  • Seamless Self Management ($12,997 Value)

  • White Label CoLiving Explainer Video ($3,997 Value)

  • No BS Virtual Community ($4,997 Value)

  • Unlocking Property Management Partnerships ($4,997 Value)

  • Easy Financing for Freedom ($4,997 Value)

  • CoLiving Co-Creation Formula ($4,997 Value)

  • Fast Finance Using OPM ($9,997 Value)

  • The CoLiving Video Vault ($9,997 Value)

  • Beat the Bank ($2,997 Value)

  • CoLiving Compliance Blueprint ($9,997 Value)

  • CoLiving Market Testing Blueprint ($9,997 Value)

  • Forever Friends ($4,997 Value)

  • Profit in the Plunge ($9,997 Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $184,946


Payment Options:

1 Payment of $9,997

2 Payments of $5,495

3 Payments of $3,995

1 Payment of $9,997

2 Payments of $5,495

3 Payments of $3,995

Expires Thursday at 11:59pm EST

2 For 1:

You can get your partner or business partner enrolled for free!

This Challenge Only - Expires Thursday 1/11/24 at MIDNIGHT

2 For 1:

Today only you can get your partner or business partner enrolled for free!

 CoLiving Hero Money Back Guarantee:

If you invest in our programs and follow the WHOLE system, and don’t have at least 1 CoLiving property in 12 months we’ll refund every penny.

Here's What Some Of Our Students Have Said:

"You have to take CoLiving University with Sam Wegert...I've only been in 3 classes so far and I'm already about to do my first deal tomorrow.....That saved me over 20 grand right there. And that's not getting into the Invoice Authorization all the incredible wealth of knowledge he has."


"He brings the energy, he brings brings the knowledge, super responsive answering all of our all of our questions and getting to work with other investors around around the country has been awesome."

-Beth and Judd

"I wanted to get into rental properties and I had realized that there was so much that I didn't know about how to do this model…within two months of being in the CoLiving University with Sam, he gave us the entire model from beginning to end. He gave me the confidence to be able to go out under contract on my first property. And he literally saved me probably years of trial and error…”


"You could tell he put in a lot of time and prepared to get it all set up because it was really thorough. Not just kind of big idea concepts, but also the nuts and bolts of how to set up a business in the CoLiving space, how to find properties, how to negotiate the deal...It was well worth the money if you're looking at doing the CoLiving space. I got a couple ideas that more than paid for the course itself just in negotiating. I probably saved myself 20 grand in negotiations from some ideas that he has shared."


“It’s been a great experience. Sam brings great life and energy in the program. He has a lot of experience that I don’t have. Personally, I just don’t like the details and all of the paperwork, so to speak. I’m a true salesman. I’d rather sell than I would do administration. So that’s the gift that he brings to this whole equation. He’s showing all the administrative sides.”


"You guys have such a wealth of information and I just I feel really blessed to be in this group. We are really just starting out, I'm about 30 videos in now and Cody's right behind me. We just got all these pieces going and all of this information is just overwhelming, but just amazing! So thank you all for you know for tearing this thing and putting it out there for the rest of us to to learn from and really do just thank you!"


"We heard of BiggerPockets, that is where we heard about you. You did a live thing, like something kind of similar to this, it was about a year ago... and we did that. We kind of got onto the Airbnb path and then with COVID and everything that was not fully stable and we didn't really have reserves. We kind of felt like we were going into many different ways and this helped us with that."


"Biggest takeaway that I've had was just go through the whole thing. I was concerned about the business plan, because I didn't really see a ton of people doing it. When I saw Sam was teaching it I thought maybe it's not too good to be true. There are there are upsides and there are risks, but I'm gonna do this. It's just whether I have a community around me to support me or not."


Questions and Answers:

What happens after I submit my deposit?

There will be a quick onboarding form on the next page and our team will be in touch with you within 1 business day to finalize your payment. From there, we will get you access to the Financial Freedom Kick Off Party with Sam and get you access to the portal/community right away.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We offer financing directly through us! After you put in your deposit you can choose the financing option to see which extended payment plans we offer.

What if I miss a call/training?

While we encourage you to join live so you can interact, all of our calls are recorded and put inside of your membership portal. This way you can come back anytime and watch the trainings at anytime.

What if I have another question?

We're here for you. You can email our support team at:

How does the guarantee work?

We want to make sure that our program is the right fit. Get your deposit in, make your payment, and have your onboarding call with Sam. If after that call you don't feel like this is the right, let Sam know during the call and we will refund every penny to you. You have nothing to loose except getting to to your financial freedom number faster and making an impact.

*Guarantee Policy: Let Sam know during your onboarding call that this is not the right fit for you and we'll issue you a full refund. Refunds will be processed within (2) business days back to your original payment method. Kickoff call must be scheduled within 2 weeks of your purchase. No refunds will be issued after access to the program is provided or if kickoff call is not scheduled.

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